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Sunday Look: Holiday Stripes

See the source imageHappy Sunday!  This past week was very interesting.  The most exciting thing, SNOW, yes snow!  Everyone including myself was so excited.  Snow is not something we see very often, especially not before Christmas.  It really made it feel like the  HOLIDAYS!  It’s all gone now 🙁 and the temperatures, well… 🙁 ! See the source image

See the source imageIn keeping with the Christmas season I felt like incorporating red into my wardrobe again this week (it’s my favorite color in case you didn’t know).  I was feeling brave by wearing this form fitting  sweater dress.  But there was something about it that spoke HOLIDAY to me.  The red and back stripes has a woven line of sparkle in-between each stripe.  I was surprised at how form fitting it was and felt like it needed a belt.  Instead of a traditional belt, I tied a wide black ribbon in a bow around my waist, that really changed the entire look.

I accessorized with long faux diamond earrings, long necklace and bangles.  Instead of wearing a red shoe I opted for black pointy toe RED BOTTOMS instead 😉 .

My (old) little black velvet handbag added that extra holiday sparkle from the two little rhinestone bling medallions.   Even though this bag is very old, it still fits todays fashion trends.  Never get rid of your handbags!  They could make a fashion comeback years later, Okay!

Style Tip: ⇓
Another way to style this dress, add a pair of boots and floppy hat!  Next time…
There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…..
See the source imageDress: Chelsea & Violet (similar here)
Handbag: Hillard Hanson (old)
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Matthew, Luke, Isaiah & Jeramiah


Holiday Party Attire

Tis the Season for those Holiday Parties… what are you going to wear?
Office holiday parties vary from business casual to dressy to formal. You want to be prepared for either. Hopefully this simple guide will help you achieve that perfect look. I get asked all the time ‘What should I wear to my holiday party?” Well it depends on the PARTY right!
Office parties that are held in the office during or after work tend to be business casual, you will be celebrating in what you actually wore to work. This is probably one of the easiest parties to dress for. On that day you can add a festive scarf, holiday pin or dress in traditional holiday colors of Red, Green, Black, Silver and Gold or any combination. You can also wear a holiday sweater (nothing ugly or obnoxious) but something softer like cashmere or with a little holiday sparkle.
Parties that take place outside the office usually mean you should step it up a bit. Although, they can still be business casual depending on the company vibes. More than likely its going to be a little bit dressier than an on-site office party.
The style of the announcement will usually let you know whether its casual, dressy, semi-formal or formal. Just be prepared.

We all know if the invitation reads dressy, semi-formal or formal attire you need to look your best.  Depending on your wardrobe you may have something in your closet that you can wear. Men a dark suit and tie will do just fine. Ladies if you have a little black dress or even a long black dress, you’re set. You can jazz it up with fabulous accessories that sparkle and shine. Easy right?
Formal attire usually calls for something long but not necessarily. Todays fashion has an array of short formal dresses, pantsuits and jumpsuits that will fit the occasion just fine. All you need to know… you shouldn’t wear jeans, tee-shirt, flip-flops or tennis shoes right? It’s all about elegance… And there is no need to break the bank!
Here are a some of my past and present “Holiday” looks ….
Office Party





Semi- Formal/Formal

Accessories See the source image

This is only a guide……………..do you!
There is BEAUTI  in everything, find it…

See the source image

Sunday Look: Little Black Dress Fit-and-Flare

Happy Sunday!  It’s hard to believe this week will mark the beginning of the holiday season.  I’m not completely ready 🙂 .  Are you?
This morning when it came time to get dressed I pulled out something blue.  Then I remembered I wore blue last week.  I’m sometimes drawn to the same color week after week. I wonder what that means? Anyway, I put that to the side for another time.  I finally ended up in this sleeveless black fit-and-flare dress.

This dress has a beautifully textured fabric with the perfect V-neckline. There is something about the fit-and-flare dress that’s flirty and fun! (Not that I was trying to be) 😉 .  You can bet this holiday season’s “little black dress” is likely to be a soignee version of fit-and-flare.

The neckline is so inviting for the perfect necklace. And I just happened to have the perfect one!  As you can see this multi beaded pearl statement necklace fills in the space nicely.  I chose shoes in a black velvet (trending) with a round toe and bow.  I also added a pearl drop earring and two-toned bangle.

My bag today was my “bug bag” that’s what I call it because it has a big bug on the front.  It’s such a fun piece for any outfit.

I’m excited for the holidays and looking forward to the most “Wonderful time of the Year” I can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing.
There is BEAUTI  in everything, find it…
Dress: Leslie Fay
Bag: Kate Landry
Necklace: DSW
Shoes: Gianni Bini
Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley







Sunday Look: Ankle Pant & Blazer

Happy Sunday!  It’s hard to believe we’re in the month of March already.  We didn’t have much of a Winter now its almost Spring.  It’s still Winter and I’m going to dress like it until March 20th (first day of Spring) 🙂  Today’s outfit, signature ankle pant, velvet bodysuit and blazer is as close as I get to Winter clothing.  First of all I think the ankle pant is sexy! Add a bodysuit to that and you’ve got a style party.  Not just any bodysuit but one with a sheer V- neckline and back. The blazer took the outfit to a whole other level.  It all came together quite nicely.

But!!! the real show stopper today is my “necklace”.  I was so excited when I found it and equally excited to finally wear it!.  It was the perfect compliment to the sheer V-neck of the bodysuit.   I also added a two identical bold bracelets (one on each arm) for a more stylish look.  Pointed toe leather and suede heels topped it all off.

My Bag:  In keeping with the velvet trend, I carried this black with gold trim flap bag.  Its a shoulder bag with a velvet and chain strap.  I also have this bag in Bordeaux or burgundy.

Here’s is a tip: Whenever I don’t want to wear the strap long on the shoulder, I shorten the strap on my bags by tying the chain with a ribbon inside.  Talk about versatility… 😉

There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…

Pants: Ann Taylor

Bodysuit: BCBGeneration

Blazer: Karl Lagerfeld

Necklace: Banana Republic


Shoes: Guess

Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Mark 5: 35-41

Sunday Look: Black Velvet If You Please… “Birthday Outfit”

Image result for its my birthday images

Black Velvet if you please… It’s my Birthday!!  I’ve had an awesome weekend celebrating my birthday.  It has been nothing but eating good food and shopping.    Today after church I was treated to some Soul Food from a local restaurant Yall’s.

What does one wear on their birthday? Velvet!  Not only is velvet the perfect winter fabric but its trending right now! SO I guess I’m trending 🙂 .

Today’s outfit could be considered a two piece but it’s not.. A black blazer is always a good idea no matter what you choose to wear with it or the fabric. I was so excited when I saw that the skinny pant came in the same fabric. I love a skinny leg pant that hit at the ankle just right. A skinny leg pant goes great with a flat or my favorite; the pointy toe pump. Any undershirt would work under the blazer. I chose a turtle neck.

My accessories: to break up all the black I added a sparkly STATEMENT necklace, it really stands out against the black. I kept my earring simple with large skinny hoops.  I also added a single black and silver bangle.

My BAG: I call this satin half circle handbag my “bug bag”.  The jeweled bug is unexpected and fun.

There is BEAUTI in everything, find it….



Jacket: Ann Taylor

Pants: Ann Taylor

Bag: Kate Landry

Shoes: Christian Louboutin

Photo Credit: Ricky Tanklsey

Isaiah 43: 1-7