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Holiday Party Attire

Tis the Season for those Holiday Parties… what are you going to wear?
Office holiday parties vary from business casual to dressy to formal. You want to be prepared for either. Hopefully this simple guide will help you achieve that perfect look. I get asked all the time ‘What should I wear to my holiday party?” Well it depends on the PARTY right!
Office parties that are held in the office during or after work tend to be business casual, you will be celebrating in what you actually wore to work. This is probably one of the easiest parties to dress for. On that day you can add a festive scarf, holiday pin or dress in traditional holiday colors of Red, Green, Black, Silver and Gold or any combination. You can also wear a holiday sweater (nothing ugly or obnoxious) but something softer like cashmere or with a little holiday sparkle.
Parties that take place outside the office usually mean you should step it up a bit. Although, they can still be business casual depending on the company vibes. More than likely its going to be a little bit dressier than an on-site office party.
The style of the announcement will usually let you know whether its casual, dressy, semi-formal or formal. Just be prepared.

We all know if the invitation reads dressy, semi-formal or formal attire you need to look your best.  Depending on your wardrobe you may have something in your closet that you can wear. Men a dark suit and tie will do just fine. Ladies if you have a little black dress or even a long black dress, you’re set. You can jazz it up with fabulous accessories that sparkle and shine. Easy right?
Formal attire usually calls for something long but not necessarily. Todays fashion has an array of short formal dresses, pantsuits and jumpsuits that will fit the occasion just fine. All you need to know… you shouldn’t wear jeans, tee-shirt, flip-flops or tennis shoes right? It’s all about elegance… And there is no need to break the bank!
Here are a some of my past and present “Holiday” looks ….
Office Party





Semi- Formal/Formal

Accessories See the source image

This is only a guide……………..do you!
There is BEAUTI  in everything, find it…

See the source image

Sunday Look: Floral Holiday

Happy Sunday!  Here we go, its officially HOLIDAY TIME…  We have been busy trying to get the inside and outside all decked out for the holidays.  The only thing missing is the COOLER weather.  How are your decorating plans going?
Last December I opted to wear RED each Sunday to church.  I really didn’t make that commitment this year but somehow I started out in red again.  Today’s outfit featuring this all over floral maxi with a self-tie halter neck and elastic off-the-shoulder. This elastic is formed so you can wear it two ways.  If you prefer to wear it further up-on the shoulders you can (like in the feature photo at top).  I truly love the off-the-shoulder look.  I’ve said it many times, “a woman’s shoulders is the most beautiful feature on her body”.

When you have a self-tie halter neck there is no need for a necklace.  This girl is never without her earrings. I wore a pair with a sequence look detail.  You know me, I must always have a bangle or three LOL 😉 .  Today I had six!  Since I’m not very tall, every MAXI is way too long.  I always have to wear really high heel shoes so it doesn’t drag the ground.  Today I wore a black patent leather platform sling back with a 5 inch heel.  I bet you’re saying, “5 inches”.  Here’s a little secret, platforms can reduce the heel height by 2 inches sometimes.  So it feels like I was really wearing 3 inch heels 😉 .

What’s the perfect bag to carry when wearing a MAXI of this type?  A magazine clutch is what, nothing went better!  It’s very unexpected wouldn’t you say?


What type of holiday attire will you be wearing this HOLIDAY SEASON?
There is BEAUTI  in everything, find it…
Maxi: Forever 21
Bag: Sam Moon
Shoes: Vince Camuto (old)
Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Matthew 7:12



Sunday Look: Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day!  My children are the greatest gift God could have given me.  How lucky am I to be their MOTHER.  The only sad thing about today, my mother is gone but her presence lives on in my  …

Today’s outfit was something I saved just for today.  When I first saw it I thought, this is different.  This unique white sheath dress with attached floral, split maxi wrap left me feeling very girly!  I love how it blows in the wind.

I wanted to bring out the pink accents in the wrap.  I did that by simply adding pink earrings, necklace and peep toe shoes with pink highlights.

My BAG today was unique as well.  A box purse mimicking a perfume bottle added the final touch.


There is BEAUTI  in everything, find it…
Dress: Sami & Jo
Bag: Betsey Johnson
Shoes: Enzo Angioloni
Photo Credit: Tarryn Tanksley

Judges 4:4-9


Sunday Look: Easter Sunday

Happy Resurrection Sunday!  Easter has always been on of the most memorable holidays from my childhood.  I can remember it so vividly, my sisters and I being dressed up in pastel colored dresses, hair pressed and curled, cute socks and patent leather shoes.  Off to church we went with Easter Baskets in hand.  Today was not any different, we attended church services together as a family (minus the Easter Baskets) and had a wonderful brunch afterward.

My Family

As an adult not much has changed when it comes to dressing on a day like today  🙂 .  I recycled something old and kept with my childhood tradition in this hot pink maxi.  One piece outfits are so easy, “one and done”…

This time around I changed the accessories and shoes. I accessorized my jewelry in pastel blue and silver tones.  I wore hot pink peep toe shoes matching the dress perfectly. I like how the hot pink and pastel blue pair so well together.

My BAG today happens to be one of my new favorite handbags.  This pastel blue flap bag with chain detail paired well with my other accessories.

Happy Easter!

There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…
Dress: Gianni Bini (old)
Shoes: VInce Camuto (old)
Necklace: Charming Charlie
Photo Credit: Tarryn & Lynn Tanksley

Psalms 22: 1 & 2

Matthew 27: 45 & 46


Sunday Look: Off the Shoulder Maxi

Happy Palm Sunday!  Have you ever thought about what the most beautiful part of a woman’s body is?  I think it’s “Shoulders”.  There is something about the silhouette of our shoulders.  That’s why I’m so smitten with today’s look.  Believe it or not I don’t possess any off the shoulder clothing.  Just so happens, “Off the Shoulder” clothing is trending big -time right now!


I was hesitant to try it on when I found it, thinking I couldn’t pull it off.  But I fell in love with the way my shoulders looked and had to have it. (Being on the clearance rack helped that decision too!! LOL…)  Its pretty versatile, you can expose as little or as much shoulder as you like.  Most off the shoulder clothing come with removable straps (this one did).  I chose to remove the straps for my look.
This dress can be worn in so many different settings.  I wore strappy sandals with it to church, but you can easily wear flats of any kind.  I can see myself walking on the beach barefoot in this dress too 🙂 .

I kept my accessories simple.  I wore a very thin choker to not overpower the look. And I just happen to have the perfect pair of  earrings too.  Notice something different today?  Yes I’m wearing blue metal lip cream.  I’m certainly stepping outside my box, and I Love it!  It seems that a lot of others did as well.  I got tons of complements!  Of course I toned it down a bit for church 😉 .


My BAG: I chose this FUN colorful BOLD animal print bag.  I love to mix patterns and this one paired very well with the pattern of my dress.  You should never be afraid to mix patterns, anything goes especially if you like it!

There is BEAUTI  in everything, find it…

Dress: Cato

Shoes: Chinese Laundry (old)

Purse: Kate Landry (last season)

Metals Lip Cream: NYX

Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Matthew 6: 5-15



Sunday Look: Maxi Dress and Cape Jacket

Happy Sunday! Well it looks like Mother Nature threw us a curve ball and gave us some cooler weather.  That gave me an opportunity to wear something I may have not worn had it been warmer.

Today’s outfit is a Maxi Dress and Cape Jacket.  The dress has a faux leather top with an attached sheer skirt and built-in underskirt.  It’s also sleeveless, that’s why I added the cape jacket. Guess what? the cape jacket has “POCKETS”!  I could have worn a blazer or cardigan as well.

Like last week, my necklace is the real showstopper to the entire outfit.  I had a blank canvas in the faux leather top.  Just about any necklace would have worked.  But this particular one not only sparkled, but it filled in the space nicely.  Next, I added a wide belt, it was a nice contrast between the faux leather top and sheer skirt.   Additional accessories included two silver bangles, ring, watch and earrings with a little bling as well.  Since it was a little cooler I slipped on fishnet hose and patent leather platform (pointy toe) heels.

My Bag:  I had to keep the bling going…  I did that with a semi round clutch with tons of bling!  Who doesn’t like a little bling or in my case lots of bling?

Thanks Mother Nature for the cooler weather!

There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…

Dress: Gianni Bini

Cape Jacket: @ HauteLook

Necklace: Zara

Bag: Kate Landry

Shoes Gianni Bini

Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

1 John 2:1-2


Sunday Look: Maxi In The Wind

Happy Sunday!  What a windy day today… So windy I decided not to wear a dress or skirt didn’t want any blow ups! LOL.

Today’s look, the “Maxi” perfect for a windy day.  I purchased this maxi about three years ago and never wore it until today.  Its Grecian of sorts.  It certainly is form fitting and I’m so happy I was able to fit into it today 😉 .  It came with a thin belt from the same fabric that I did not wear around my waist.

That brings me to accessories; I added a wide belt (instead of the original).  I felt a bit more comfortable with this wide belt since the dress was so form fitting. The (original fabric ) belt served as my necklace which I tied into a double bow.  A bit non-traditional but it works!  A gold pointed toe shoe finished the look.  Well, when outside my oversized round sunnies finished the look!

Somehow my Fitbit always makes an appearance in photos, I forget to remove it every time 🙂 addicted!

My BAG; which I’ve worn before, this fun “fringe” clutch. I like to add a bit of whimsy or fun when I can through my handbags. NO RULES…

There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…


Maxi: Nurture

Bag: Aldo

Shoes: Vince Camuto

Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Matthew 5: 31-32

Sunday Social: Taking it to the MAX














Welcome to the First Sunday in October!  Today I’m taking it to the MAX!!  Maxi dress, big bag and 5 1/2 inch heels (I lined up four different shoes to see which one had the highest heel) giving me the added height I needed for such a long maxi dress.  When you are 5ft. 4in. you have to come up with creative ways to stand tall 😉

The floral skirt and solid black bodice transitions well into a Texas Fall morning.   Later on… I can add a cardigan or denim jacket. “This dress was a steal of a deal”

I accessorized with a belt (to cinch my waist), long tri-color necklace, tri-color earrings, single glass bangle and gold watch.  Today I brought out the BIG BAG, I call this one my “doctor bag”…xo

There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…

Dress: Indication by eci

Necklace: White House Black Market


Shoes: Jessica Simpson 

Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Today’s Sermon: Matthew 5: 13-16


Sunday Social: Maxi & Wood








Hello everyone!  Another HOT day here in Texas.  Its getting kind of difficult to find an outfit that’s cool.  My attempt to do just that, this soft chiffon “Maxi” dress that I haven’t worn in a couple of years. (it still fit 🙂 )  The floral detail and spaghetti straps are fitting for the season.  I could have accessorized with pearls but I didn’t…  Today’s accessory “WOOD” I paired it with wood earrings, mixed wood and wire necklace and wood bracelet.  My bag even had a touch of wood.  This was a very, very simple outfit to put together.  FASHION should be effortless…..   I enjoy shopping in my closet how about you?

There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…

Dress: Jessica Howard (Old)

Bag: Steve Madden (Old)

Jewelry & Shoes: (Old)

Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley




Street Style: Halter Side Slit Maxi







I’m having fun in the sun all the while trying to keep cool and stay fashionable 🙂  This side slit maxi dress is from Old Navy, you know it was on sale… I added this white (men’s) shirt from Burlington Coat Factory to keep it more suitable for work.  I used the belt as a headband.
Dress: Old Navy
Sun Glasses: Marc Jacobs
Watch: Michael Kors

Photo Credit: Lynn Tanksley