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Sunday Look: Symbolic Peek of Red

Happy Sunday! This weekend has been very emotional for me.  Happy emotions!  Our 11-year old grand daughter competed in the first ever National level of “The Amazing Shake”  We are so proud of her for making it to Atlanta to compete this weekend at Ron Clark Academy.  She didn’t win but she did very well making top 2 of the wild card, making her a WINNER in our eyes.  This was her first competition as a fifth grader. Talk about a great  accomplishment!  We are over the moon proud of her and hope she can go even further in next years competition.  For those that want to know more, simply Google”The Amazing Shake”.
Our granddaughter.

Not only is it  Valentines Day Week but February is the month of Red. It’s a symbol of “Women Heart Health Awareness” were we have a day to Go RED for Women.  I went RED for women in honor of my mother and daughter.  It’s also the symbol of support for children born with Congenital Heart Defects (CHD).  The color RED is symbolic for great causes. http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/
Photo of My Daughter and I for “Go RED for Women”.

Today I didn’t go the full on red route, I went for a peek of red instead.  I’m wearing a faux leather ankle pant with a red silk tank top.  I added a Channel inspired black jacket over the tank (it was cold today).   I buttoned the bottom two buttons for a more fitted look.

I toyed with two options, shoes or boots.  Both worked, but I needed just a little more red.  I decided on red shoes and my coat has a combination of red and black.  I wore a matching necklace and earrings.  Silver bangles on one arm and red and silver on the other.

I needed a little sparkle and I got that with my red sequence handbag.

There is BEAUTI  in everything, find it…
Pants: Banana Republic
Tank:  Peter Nygard
Jacket: Covington
Bag:  APT 9
Shoes: Nine West
Boots: Nine West (very old)
Coat: Jessica Simpson
Photo Credit:  Ricky Tanksley

Mark 4: 41  &  Psalm 100: 3