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Sunday Look: Blooming Top

Happy Sunday!  No matter how much you try to plan your outfits something always happens to nick that idea.  Lucky for me I have a variety in my closet, sometimes I just have to pick something last minute and hope it works.  Actually, I think its easier because I don’t have to put a lot of time and thought into it.  That’s exactly what happened today!

This floral top has been speaking to me Sunday after Sunday.  I always pass it up. (Why do we save certain things for later?) It turned out to be a great last minute choice.  I decided to wear a long black pencil skirt with the top.  I could have easily paired it with skinny leg slacks, wide leg pants or culottes.  Next time.

When wearing a colorful top as this, your accessories can be kept to a minimum.  Every girl loves earrings and should never go without.  I could have stopped there.  But I decided to add a multi-stand necklace in gold, silver and black.  If you are the type that hardly ever wears a watch, opt for identical bracelets one on each wrist.  Honestly, I don’t practice my own advice, but today I did.  I actually like the identical bracelet idea.  I was like hmmm! why didn’t I do this sooner?

When the time came to choose shoes my first thought was black, boring. I went BOLD as you can see.  Perfect choice right?

My BAG choice today was my “BUG BAG” whatever works!

There is BEAUTI in everything, find it.
Top: New York & Company
Skirt: Zara
Bag: Kate Landry
Shoes: BCBGeneration
Photo Credit: Tarryn Tanklsey

Matthew 5: 13-16