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Sunday Social: Navy and Pink for a Cause







Wow! What a rainy weekend. It actually feels like Fall outside… Today was Women’s Day at Church. The colors I’m wearing are specific to Domestic Violence (Navy) and Breast Cancer Awareness (Pink).

My Navy Blue dress featured a cutout in the front and back. No additional jewelry was necessary. My flower corsage and handbag added that pop of pink signifying Breast Cancer Awareness.

There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…

Domestic Violence Hotline: Advocates are available 24/7 at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) in over 170 languages. All calls are confidential and anonymous.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Ladies be sure to get your annual Mammograms, early detection is key.


Dress: Jennifer Lopez – Kohl’s

Handbag: Charming Charlie

Shoes: Love Fury – Nine West

Corsage: Grace Alvarez – Violet Hill Floral

Lip Color: Fuchsia with Blue Pearl- Wet N Wild

Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley