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Sunday Look: Fall Debut

Happy Sunday and welcome to FALL!¬† Yay!… Fall is finally here, BUT it won’t feel like it for a while I’m sure ūüôĀ .¬† As you can tell I’m always commenting on the seasons, I can’t wait for some COOLER¬† weather! LOL.

What does one wear to start off the first Sunday of Fall?  I have to admit I struggled this morning.  After my third attempt I ended up in these very wide leg pants and cream top.  Easy right?

To accessorize my two piece ensemble, first thing I did was add a skinny belt to give me a waist.¬†¬†Next, I’ve been itching to wear one of my favorite necklaces again, this beautiful long¬†stranded pearl necklace.¬† I’m so in LOVE ¬†with this¬†necklace.¬†It¬†put the statement in “statement necklace “.¬†¬†I wore¬†pearl/silver earring that paired¬†well with my necklace.¬†¬†I slipped on an open toe high heel sandal.¬† My toes peeped-out just a little ūüôā .

Today’s BAG was whimsical.¬† When I first spotted this domino inspired¬†clutch I was like¬†“OH! ” that’s different and I like different… ūüėČ .¬† I thought it added a little bit of fun to the entire outfit.

What did you wear on the first day of Fall?
There is BEAUTI¬† in everything, find it…
Top: Ann Taylor
Pants: Gibson Latimer
Bag: Kate Landry
Necklace: Lux Apothetique
Shoes: Gianni Bini (old)
Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Proverbs 3: 5

Sunday Look: Head to Toe Neutrals

Happy Sunday!¬† Another beautiful week in the books.¬† Each morning I can tell¬†the season is trying to change.¬† It’s always a long transition from Summer to Fall around here though.¬†¬†¬†With that change,¬†I’m still sleeveless LOL!
Today’s outfit is a throwback of sorts to 2014, which was the last time I wore this¬†dress (so¬†happy it still fit).¬† I was attracted to the deep “V” sweetheart neckline and¬†lace trim.¬† I also liked how the entire dress is layered¬†in¬†neutrals.¬†¬†I kept everything neutral (on purpose). Why?¬† I just love the pristine look.

I accessorized in neutrals as well.  I started with a long pair of round pearl earrings and necklace.  I also wore a nude platform round toe shoe to finish off the look.

My BAG today a classic; monogram handbag in the same neutral colors.

It was so easy to style this dress,¬†keeping everything neutral made it all flow effortlessly!¬† Another successful recycle from my closet ūüėČ .
There is BEAUTI¬† in everything, find it…
Dress: Gibson & Latimer (old)
Bag: Louis Vuitton
Shoes: Christian Louboutins (Bianca)
Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Luke 10:25-37

Sunday Look: Leaf Print Halter Dress

Happy Sunday! What a week with all the hurricanes that are spreading across the United States.  We are still praying for all those affected by Harvey and now Irma.   I have family in Florida and we surely pray that they walk away unharmed. Image result for Black Praying Hands

It’s amazing how you can purchase an article of clothing as far back as a year ago and its still fashionable¬†today.¬† Case and point, my leaf print halter dress.¬† My main reason for not wearing it sooner was the halter back.¬† I knew I couldn’t wear my back out to church.¬† Up until now I was searching for the right piece to remedy that problem.¬† I did that with a navy blue button down shirt (not pictured).¬† I rolled up the sleeves and tied it at the waist.¬†¬†Just like that it was appropriate for church.¬† It was HOT today so I removed it right after church and wore it in its natural beauty ūüôā .

I could have belted the dress at the waist too.¬† Don’t you think this is the perfect dress¬†for just about any occasion?¬†¬†It’s lightweight and¬†cool. But the best feature of all, it has POCKETS!

I chose not to weigh down the dress with navy accessories.  I accessorized with a pop of color in my earrings, necklace, bracelets and shoes.  This really highlighted the dress.


I was excited to carry my Bamboo Ark handbag again.  Love this handbag and look for any opportunity to carry it!

Can you see yourself hanging out at the pool party in this dress? It’s the perfect poolside dress.



There is BEAUTI¬† in everything, find it…
Dress: Ann Taylor (last season)
Bag: Cult Gaia
Shoes: BCBG (old)
Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Matthew 8:1-17

Sunday Look: Bye- Bye Summer Black & White

Happy Sunday!¬†¬†¬† As most of you know Texas was hit with a nasty hurricane last week.¬† I opted not to blog last week, it was my way of showing¬†respect to all those affected.¬†¬† It’s good to be back in front of the camera!
Some outfits deserve new life. I wore this dress back in 2015.¬† I styled it¬†with blue accessories. ‚Üď (see blow)

I purchased a pair of¬†white pumps¬†last season and never got to wear them. I’ve wanted to wear them all summer long.¬†¬†Since we are one day away from Labor Day¬†I thought I better.¬† You know what they say “no white after Labor Day”.¬†¬†As for me personally, I won’t¬†wear white shoes after Labor Day (unless its tennis shoes) ūüėČ .¬†¬†But I will wear white clothing because we live in¬†Texas and our summers¬†flow into Fall.¬† I’m looking forward to some much cooler weather though.


This time around I accessorized with all white accessories.  I chose a chunky necklace, white pearl earrings, my long awaited white shoes and a white handbag.  The white paired well with the black and white pattern on the dress.

There is BEAUTI ¬†in everything, find it…
Please continue to pray for all the Texas folks affected by the hurricane.
Dress: H& M (two seasons ago)
Bag: Aldo (last season)
Necklace: (old)
Shoes: BCBG (last season)
Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Jeremiah 29: 1 & 7