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Sunday Look: Old Meets New

Happy Sunday everyone!  Summer has arrived and I’m feeling the heat.  My summer wardrobe will be renewed styling.  How? I will mix and match some of my older summer wear with any new pieces I happen to pick up this season. The goal is to not break the bank, stay stylish and cool! no pun intended. 🙂

Today’s outfit is a combination of old and new.  This one piece spaghetti  jumpsuit deserves a second or even third wear.  When old meets new it all becomes new again.   The new is this colorful kimono.  When I first saw it I knew how I would style it.  It’s giving me a Japanese inspired look.   This kimono can easily be paired with a skinny jean or shorts & tank, sundress, leggings and used as a swimsuit cover-up.  The styling possibilities are endless.

My accessories consisted of my usual, earrings, necklace and bracelet. I chose open toe cork heels to not compete with the kimono.  The kimono is so colorful it doesn’t need any help. BUT….

My BAG, OMG I am so obsessed with the Gaia’s Ark bamboo handbag.  I didn’t hesitate to pair it with my kimono for a Japanese inspired look. Styling success! I’m so obsessed, don’t be surprised it you see it again and again…

Don’t hesitate to bring out the old and mix with something new!

There is BEAUTI  in everything, find it…
Jumpsuit: H&M (old)
Kimono: Wendy Williams Collection for HSN
Bag: Cult Gaia
Necklace: Sam Moon
Shoes: Gianni Bini (old)
Bracelet: Michael Kors

Acts 3: 1-10



Sunday Look: Relaxed Frayed Jeans

Happy Sunday everyone, I’m back.  I missed last week due to being so exhausted.  Our oldest grand daughter graduated from High School and we threw her a graduation party that left me with all kinds of aches and pains 🙂 .  Thankfully I’ve recovered.

Today was a casual Sunday.  Casual meets comfort in these mid-rise, bootcut jeans with slits at the bottom and the best part “frayed hems“.  They are so chic!  I could have paired my jeans with just about any top.  But, there is noting like a crisp white blouse.

When it came to accessories I kept it simple.   A long beaded bling necklace and long beaded earrings.  You all know I’m never without a bangle or two.  I thought I would step up my game in a pair of comfortable open toed platform heels.  They are comfortable because they are old and broken-in LOL!

My BAG today was this large denim tote.  Sometimes a big bag is just better!  It was a perfect choice for todays outfit!

There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…
Jeans: Zara
Top: Ann Taylor
Shoes: Vince Camuto (old)
Bag: Michael Kors
Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Mark 5: 12-14