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Sunday Social: Paisley Surprise









Happy Sunday everyone!  It seems like I have worn a lot of orange this month.  Sometimes I get stuck on a certain color and just run with it.  Since summer is in full bloom I’m running with anything cool during these high temperatures!   Today’s outfit a shirt dress in orange, burgundy and yellow green PAISLEY PATTERN with a surprise… “pockets”  I think all girls love them some pockets 🙂
Yes! Paisley is still in style and designers keep finding cleaver ways for us to fall in love with this pattern over and over.
I attempted to pull out the green in the dress by wearing a shoe in the same color.  Its a pleasant surprise at the end.   I think the orange purse was a much better choice than wearing one the same color as my shoes.  I didn’t need much jewelry either.  I wore an understated watch, gold necklace with a stone and three glass bangles in shades of orange, nothing more.  We don’t  have to load up with jewelry every time we step out.  Sometimes less is more!  In this case less was more because those SHOES speak for the entire outfit…  Remember there are not rules, if you like it, wear it…
There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…
Dress: Banana Republic
Bag: Aldo
Earrings: Zara
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: BCBGeneration
Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley

Sunday Social: Chambray and Linen






Happy Sunday… Today outfit was another attempt to be cool and comfortable. I chose this Chambray top and linen pants.  This is the first time I’ve paired the two together.  At first glance you might say that’s denim, but it’s not…  Chambray and denim are often confused for one another, there’re not exactly the same fabric.  Interesting fabric tip!
As you recall from past posts, I Love Linen (not the wrinkles though) LOL!  Linen is the perfect summer fabric and we are in the heat of SUMMER!
The two different fabrics work well together.  No harm in experimenting… you never know until you try!
I always like to play of my neck with a bold piece of jewelry especially is my outfit isn’t speaking for itself.  I’ve worn this necklace before.  The earrings are new and matched the necklace perfectly.
Keep cool if you can… until next time…
There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…
Top: New York & Co.
Pants: Banana Republic
Necklace: Sam Moon
Earrings: Sam Moon
Purse: Michael Kors
Shoes: Nine West
Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley



Themed “White Party”

IMG_6474 (3)


IMG_6515 (3)











I just could not resist the opportunity to blog about the “All White” themed dinner party I threw for my daughters 31st birthday last week. I was easy as 1…2…3…
The very first step in planning such a party is the guest list. I knew I wanted this to be an intimate affair. No more than twenty people including our immediate family. Second, choosing the Venue that could accommodate such an event. Not just any Venue but one with great food. Since it was a birthday party I had to have a cake. I chose a local bakery that was not only talented but made the cake transport easy. You can’t have a party without flowers. Again, I chose a local florist that has the reputation of not letting you down no matter her designs. For an added decorative touch I incorporated white framed photographs of my daughter through the years. I also wanted the night to me memorable.  I included a simple parting gift that did just that…
Once all that is done, you have to find an outfit LOL… In keeping with the theme “White Party” I had to find something white not only for me but for my daughter. Sometimes finding the perfect clothing in white can be challenging.  As for me,  I love to wear white. Problem is white doesn’t like me. Somehow I always manage to get a spot on me before I even leave the house. Not wanting to break the bank on an outfit (did that on the party) I was searching for something fashionable of course.  After cruising the local mall for a full week my daughter and I ran across the perfect outfit for me.  Finding hers was not as easy, but we finally found something she was happy with, you know how it is… you know it when you see it! 
This strapless jumpsuit was an excellent choice for a summer night “white party”.  But! the best accessory to this entire outfit , my very bold choker. IT’S BIG… and I LOVE it… 😉 . 
All and all the party was easy as 1..2..3.. and a great success. Needleless to say my daughter was very happy.  And we all walked away without a spot on us!
Party planning is a lot like FASHION… NO RULES… Are you planning a party soon? Need some tips, I’m here just ask.
There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…
Venue: parkside- Austin
Flowers: Grave Alvarez- Violet Hill Floral
Cake: Paige’s Bake House
My Jumpsuit: Charlotte Russe
Necklace: Sam Moon
Shoes: Adrianna Papell
Daughter’s Outfit
Top: Charlotte Russe
Skirt: Rue 21
Shoes: Guess


Sunday Social: Simple in a Tee…











Happy 3rd Sunday!   Let’s talk SIMPLE dressing.  How can one take a simple Tee Shirt and pair it with a printed pencil skirt, bold jewelry and a hot pair of pumps?  Well that’s exactly what I did… It can’t get any easier than this.
Now lets talk about this fun necklace.  When I first saw it I was like OMG this is mine!  Lucky for me it was on clearance.  So were the earrings. Bold jewelry didn’t get the name “statement”  for nothing.
There is nothing hotter than a pair of HOTT pumps.  That pointed toe is everything.  🙂  I think I LIKE it… better yet, I LOVE it!!
Style Tip:  Simplicity is Perfection…
There is BEAUTI  in everything, find it…
Skirt: New York & Co.
Tee Shirt: New York  & Co.
Necklace: Zara
Earrings: Zara
Bag: Zara
Shoes: Christian Louboutin
Photo Credit: Hayleigh Tanksley

Sunday Social: Maxi & Wood








Hello everyone!  Another HOT day here in Texas.  Its getting kind of difficult to find an outfit that’s cool.  My attempt to do just that, this soft chiffon “Maxi” dress that I haven’t worn in a couple of years. (it still fit 🙂 )  The floral detail and spaghetti straps are fitting for the season.  I could have accessorized with pearls but I didn’t…  Today’s accessory “WOOD” I paired it with wood earrings, mixed wood and wire necklace and wood bracelet.  My bag even had a touch of wood.  This was a very, very simple outfit to put together.  FASHION should be effortless…..   I enjoy shopping in my closet how about you?

There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…

Dress: Jessica Howard (Old)

Bag: Steve Madden (Old)

Jewelry & Shoes: (Old)

Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley




Sunday Social: Salute to the Red, White & Blue








Happy 4th of July Weekend.  Today I chose to salute the red, white and blue.  I took simple street wear pieces and made a patriotic outfit.  Using just your basic red slacks, blue blazer and white sleeveless top.  Very minimal accessories was needed.  Adding the scarf was the final salute to the outfit.  Today I have another fun bag “red sequence” nothing like a little added bling.  See me waving my flag and the pool water reflecting on my face, LOL.  Enjoy your extended weekend.  I’m off to start the festivities…

With tomorrow being Independence Day, let us not forget all the men and women of the military that protect our homeland so we can be free.  I SALUTE THEM!


There is BEAUTI in everything, find it…

Slacks: Vince Camuto

Blazer & Top: Ann Taylor

Scarf: Dollar Tree

Bag: APT 9

Shoes: Nine West

Photo Credit: Ricky Tanksley